Air Transportation

What airport should I fly into?

If you have chosen to fly to SYMC 2014, the best airport to fly into is the Port Columbus International Airport (CMH). If you need more information about the airport, you can visit their website at .

Are there airline discounts?

Yes! Check out United’s discount available to SYMC attendees! Depending on which city you are coming from and airfare class, the discount ranges from 3% to 15%.


So, if you plan on flying to SYMC, save money by flying with United Airlines!

Just log onto and use this code to receive your SYMC discount: ZRFX883242

Who knows?! You just may end up sitting next to a fellow youth worker headed to SYMC!


Ground Transportation

How do I get around once I am in Columbus?

We use an awesome shuttle service called Columbus Coaches. They are available from the airport to your hotel and when you return to the airport after the conference. It is $10.00 each way. You will not pay until you are about to get on the shuttle and it must be IN CASH. All of these details are on their website as well. To book your seat on the shuttle visit and follow the steps below:

1. Fill in your name and address.

2. Select your arrival and departure dates.

3. Insert your airline and flight number in their respective boxes.

4. Select the hotel you are staying at in the dropdown.

5. Select whether you will be using the shuttle for arrival, departure or both.

6. Submit.

*Please note: you will not receive a confirmation email from Columbus Coaches but your spot on the shuttle will be reserved. There is a Group Reception desk in baggage claim labeled Columbus Coaches shuttle SYMC for you to check in for your bus ride. Reservations are required, but they are recommended.