I have attended many conferences but nothing compares to SYMC. I don’t forget what I learn and more importantly, I use what I’ve learnd.
- Jeanette Tucker, Ohio

SYMC ministered to my heart, my wife’s heart, and the heart of my team! What a great comprehensive ministry experience.
- Casey Joyce, MO


An amazing way to gain insight ideas, spiritual strengthen and feel among family in youth ministry.
- Melissa Wilkinson, Indiana


At SYMC I felt cared for and challenged. Plus the training environments and topics were ridiculously on target for my needs and “growing edges”.
- Kent Martens – Steinbach, Canada


I loved that SYMC was authentic, real and worshipful. Didn’t sense that speakers were putting on an act. Instead, they seemed authentic and encouraging and kept Christ first.
- Dell Simpason, Lexington, SC


SYMC is the only conference where I feel like they really get me and what my ministry is like. Thank you for pushing me to be better and appreciating me for who I am.
- Heather Renfro, MD


A conference of high quality and deep relationship both of which have a lasting impact beyond the four days.
- Jonathan Hale, North Carolina


No where else have I found such a balanced offering of training, refreshing, challenge fellowship and fun. It is my annual reset button.
- Aaron Stief, VT


Hands down my favorite conference and “reprieve” of the year. I love the way SYMC loves youth leaders. It’s like a youth retreat for youth ministers…on steroids. Love it!
- Amber Hargrove, Texas


I am so thankful for a chance to get away and be poured into. I saw God at work in my own heart, in divine appointments, and in allowing our middle and high school teams a chance to just dream together.
-  Carrie Francis, WI


SYMC equips the everyday youth leader to do the extraordinary task God has given. It’s more than just great speakers and youth pastors sharing experiences. It is the practical steps needed to do great things that sets SYMC apart.
- James Stargell, PA


I have been amazed how much I’ve been able to learn and do and how refreshed I am in spite of this. Permission to learn. Permission to rest. Permission to have fun! It’s been great!
-  Justin Pressnall, Arizona


Been to a lot of conferences but none that puts as much on emphasis relationship as this one does. Truly fulfilling and a breath of fresh air.
-  Greg Steele, Tenessee


I came to connect with team members that I came with, but I was so surprised by the and the quality of the workshops and the general session I am coming back next year!
- Curtis Shoemaker, Indiana


SYMC does a great job to make the experience personal with breakout leaders mingling with the participants. It is a great change to relax to connect with like minded people. SYMC gets youth workers! It was awesome being around people as weird as you are.
- Greg Jones, Indiana


I’ve been coming to SYMC for 6 years and I just love that this conference is true to the Word of God. Every aspect of SYMC has been bathed in the Holy Spirit. It’s real!
- Patty Hanson, NJ


SYMC is authentic ministry. Not just a conference, it felt like home.
- Eric Hendrickson, South Carolina


Probably of all the things I attend as a professional youth worker, SYMC is the most spiritual thing to do.
- John Hagge, TN


I like SYMC more than a decaf/skinny/venti/peppermint mocha. True Story.
- Aimee Brown, Indiana


SYMC really challenged me to return the truths of who I am and who called me.
- Geoffrey Tittyung, MI


The opportunity to spend 3 days receiving was amazing. Speakers who spoke to my heart, workshops which equipped me for ministry, and worship which was authentic all filled my soul.
- Kristin Franke, Hong Kong


SYMC is the ultimate camp experience for youth leaders! You are educated and equipped but most of all you are cared for!
- Kasie Seacrest, KY


SYMC is the one time each yer where I am surrounded by thousands of others who “get it” and who love serving Jesus. It’s a change to kick your shoes off, relax, rock out, sing at the top of your lungs, be with Jesus, and some of His biggest fans, and realize again just how amazing Jesus is.
- Nate Taylor, OH


It was a breath of fresh air that awakened the tired spirit within me and revived it with the fire it once had. Praise be to God.
- Rob Eshulman, PA


SYMC revitalized my dreams for ministry and raised up passion for youth in my heart.
- Kayla Smith, MO


Ordinary people coming together to learn how to do an uncommon job with an extraordinary God.
- Brian Johnson, TN


It was another great year and I had a chance to breathe and realize God doesn’t need me to minister, but wants me.
- Justin Schroeder, TX


This conference cares for the entire youth worker; mind, body and soul.
- Anne Norton, MO


SYMC provides the opportunity to lean to laugh and to worship. If you are looking for practical instruction you will find it. If you are looking for uplifting and encouragement you will find it. If you are looking to reconnect with your Savior you will find it.
- Kristen Schlottmaon, MT


I was refreshed and inspired. SYMC was exactly what I needed to remember why God has called me to this and why I need to keep going.
- Mark Russell, Ohio


Every youth pastor, youth worker, volunteer and senior pastor, should come to SYMC at least once. It will help refresh you and open your eyes.
- Brad Seaburn, Grove City, OH


SYMC knows what youth leaders need to be all that God has called them to be.
- Elizabeth Buchanan, MO


It’s a different youth ministry conference with the heart and focus of others.
- Larry Yochum, Iowa


I come empty, and I leave full. I come questioning, and I leave inspired. I come downhearted, and I leave assured of God’s love. And that is what is needed if I am to fill, inspire, and love kids and their parents.
- Laura Striefelmera, Ohio


SYMC is a place where any youth worker, from any city, with any age group of students, with no matter how many years of experience, can come and be challenged and refreshed.
- Paul Spittka, Michigan


I was impressed with the knowledge of the instructors. I felt ready to face the world when I left.
- Sarah Sinclair, New York


SYMC provided the atmosphere for me to get off the treadmill of activity and find my center again. It was a time of rediscovering my first love.
- Keith Hunt, Ohio


There is no other place you can go to have so many resources, so much deeper learning, and so much rest and encouragement.
- Dustin Hahn, Texas


I will make it a priority to come back with my wife and volunteer next year.
- Dan Betts, Ohio


SYMC far exceeded my expectations. I am so glad I came and can’t wait till next year.
- Justin McHone, Indianapolis


It’s nice to have a conference that cares so much about me, and not just my ministry but my spiritual health. It was good to breathe.
- Michele Pass, Florida


I left this conference with not just a lot of tools to use in our ministry, but with a renewed Spirit to love Jesus more.
- Linda New, Ohio


It was the most refreshing, encouraging, and strengthening experience I’ve had in youth ministry.
- Hector Miray, North Carolina


In a time of chaos in life, this weekend refreshed me physically and spiritually. God has renewed my vision to lead my kids into praise/worship of our Creator.
- Jason Printzenhoff, Pennsylvania


After leaving my house and traveling many miles it is here that I finally feel home.
- Dustin Dick, MO


This is the best conference I have been to, because I feel spiritually refreshed and equipped. I usually just feel one or the other after a conference.
- Jeff Selph, Michigan


Every moment was filled with the presence of God. Loved it!
- Teresa Shaffer


Without knowing me personally it seemed as if the SYMC knew exactly where I was and what I needed during my weekend. I am leaving more refreshed and renewed and have greater clarity in my life and ministry.
- Meggan Means Farwell, Virginia


I enjoyed how marriage, family and soul care were a focus. Also much bigger focus on Jesus rather than technique!
- Michael Baker, PA


This conference combines the need for personal growth and rest with the need for forward movement in the community of ministers.
- Brett Landrum Silcam Springs, Arkansas


This is my third SYMC…I was hoping it would be the best yet, and it more than exceeded my expectations. Every song, every workshop, every speaker , it was like God put it together just for ME!
- Mical Masterson, Danville, IN


I look forward to this all year!
- Bill Ver Velde, Wisconsin


relevant, inspiring, energizing,
- Emily Bremer- Wisconsin


This year was my first time at SYMC. I was one of the youngest ones here, but I absolutely feel that every part of SYMC can relate or teach those in youth ministry at every level.
- Erin Hoeft, Michigan


As the wife of a youth pastor I often feel very isolated. SYMC gives me a place where I belong and can connect with other wives who “get it”.
- Anne Gibbs, Missouri


Great names, well put together, super fun, time just to be away, with our team and grow together!
- Janell O’Leary- Tennessee


Priceless training event for you and your team!
- Bob Knowles, Ohio


The Simply Youth Conference really did make me slow down and breathe. I felt renewal and peace in knowing that I am an instrument of God’s vision.
- Megan Jones, Washington


A great, get away to focus on God, myself and ministry.
- Adam Churchwell, Georgia


Great way to participate/consume rather than lead/produce.
- David Welsh, Ohio


An amazing way to gain insight ideas, spiritual strengthen and feel among family in youth ministry.
- Melissa Wilkinson, Indiana


A dynamic gathering of youth workers for support, encouragement, reflection, resourcing, and learning.
- Steve Grunlan, Iowa


Thankful for this opportunity to come together with other youth workers and feel understood, loved. accepted and worthy of the calling I am living in. Thank you.
- Sarah Marsaus-Luginbill, Louisiana


What a wonderful time to grow and connect with your ministry team!
- Timothy Kaufman, Illinois


This conference means the world to me. I would go every year for the rest of my life just to feel the love of Christ through these people!
- Laura Hanna, Ohio


Its a chance to refill your tank and reaffirm your call to your first love…Christ.
- Brandon Glaza, IA


This conference has truly been such a blessing. It was the refreshing breath that my spirit sucked in.
- Amanda Brown, South Carolina


Through SYMC God has given me a new vision and a new dream.
- Rachel Sullivan, Indiana


SYMC gets me to the core. I can tell you seek God in this because the Holy Spirit reveals things to you, for me, that I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you!
- Danielle Perrin, Missouri


More than worth it!
- Brad Daniel, Maryland


It was great to meet thousands of others who were going through so many of the same things I am. One of the biggest things I took away is that my own relationship with God is far more important than my own ministry.
- Derek Cay , Indiana


Not just a reason to get out of work on a Sunday. Best conference around. Offers so much.
- Kathi Linn, Iowa


Best $400 I spent! I have felt so alienated and alone in ministry. This weekend brought me friendship and connection to other def. to Christ. I couldn’t find this much community anywhere else!
- Lauren Bishop, Kentucky


Excellent opportunity for continued education in the field of of youth ministry. You’ll learn from some of the top professionals in the field and your ministry will be blessed in turn.
- Brandon Foster, North Dakota


The Simply Youth Ministry Conference gave me insight into my husband’s job and the challenges that he faces. It gave me info on how I can support his ministry. I volunteer and it was very informational and challenged my thoughts on teen culture and the world that they live in.
- Monique Foster, North Dakota


A conference that cares more about my heart than my credentials.
- Russ Klassen, Winnipeg, Canada


SYMC was a great time for me to hear what God was saying to me- the loving and honest environment was the perfect place for me to respond to his leading.
- Jessica Davis, Michigan


I was able to take away a lot of ideas to apply to our ministries. Great balance of learning and fun!
- Amanda Kleinhus, OH


I thank God that SYMC models ministry by ministering to me, my heart and my soul so I can go back to the trenches to minister to students, families and volunteers. Thank you for being his hands and feet!
- Virginia Hardy, Vermont